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The company pointed out tsome factual corrections.First hat the oil pump replacement was slightly less than $700.

Second, they also wished to point out that the vehicle was brought in for a timing belt failure - a rare event; that was followed a week later by the oil pump failure - an equally rare event; followed a week later by loss of oil pressure as the bearings failed. Note that this is a multi-event cascade which any competent mechanic should have been alerted to when the timing belt went early (in the life cycle) followed by the oil pump.

At a miminum the recommendation should have been made to drop the oil pan and examine the bearings - not let the customer fly down the interstate with an engine that could blow at any time.Nor should the customer be returned a vehicle with the steering wheel 45 degrees out of alignment.

Original review posted by user Dec 19, 2012

Omni Performance, in Newport News, Virginia.Brought my vehicle for a low oil pressure light.

They claimed it was a worm bearings/crankshaft issue. It would cost 2700 to replace. They had previously diagnosed the problem as a defective oil pump which they replaced for $900 - it wasn't. Tried to sell me a new engine after already making $2K in repairs but I didn't buy it.

Their previous repairs lasted about 50 miles. This time I got 50 feet before the vehicle began pulling violently to the right. According to their ace mechanic when they replace the crankshaft it throws the vehicle out of alignment but he didn't notice it during the test drive - you'd have to be blind and higher than a kite not to see the wheel is at a 45 degree tilt when driving straight. According to the ace mechanic for an extra $200 they be happy to align the vehicle.

You can spend months here trying to get a simple problem fixed and they won't make the repair but will drain your wallet along with the oil pan.This is the type of shop you recommend to your mother-in-law or that neighbor whose dog uses your lawn.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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